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Boat hire


Leopoldsteinersee has its name because of the castle Leopoldstein which is located near the lake. It is located at the foot of Seemauer and between the green forests. The lake unfolds its full glory the whole year.

The lake in the mountains is on a sea level of 600 meters. It has a length of 1400 meters and a width of 370 meters. The deepest point is 31 meters deep.
The emerald green lake is a popular destination for bathers.

The wonderful tour around the lake is a pleasure for families.

With electric-, pedal- and rowboat (which you can hire there) you have the possibility to enjoy many sunny hours at the lake between the mountains.

For Aquarius and bathing beauties the lake provides refreshing cooling on hot summer days from May to October.

Opening times of the boat hire in summer: 10am to 6pm


electric boats
rowboats pedal boats
1 hour 12,00 Euro
½ hour 7,00 Euro
1 hour 7,00 Euro
½ hour 4,00 Euro
1 hour 12,00 Euro
½ hour 7,00 Euro